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What more do you need to know? Buy it already! Seriously though, we wanted to get some grown up knives because we like to cook and were tried of the low quality sets. I did my research and this is literally the best knife you can buy for the money; unless you're a professional chef.

The blade came sharp, I keep it sharp with a honing rod and I bought a wet stone but have not had to sharpen it yet due to the honing rod doing what it should.

The handle is very comfortable and the weight and balance make it easy to use. I enjoy using my Victorinox knives and have been impressed with all of them so far. This one also has handy little arms that scrape down the sides of the bowl, so you don't have to stop what you're doing and pull out a spatula.

Promising review: "I do a lot of window shopping before I decide on something. My SO goes nuts because it takes me three months to decide on a kitchen knife. That being said, I did my usual amount of research before buying this thing and my due diligence did not fail me yet again.

The scraper is seriously so useful. Being Korean, I make kimchee every couple of months or so — which means a lot of friggin' garlic.

This thing is awesome for mincing up some serious amounts of garlic because, usually, bigger chunks tend to get stuck at the top and not get minced evenly. But the scraper solves that problem. I also tried using it to process crab meat to make it flaky to make California rolls and the motor can handle dry and dense foods like crab meat.

And I tried processing chicken breast for chicken salad with it and no problems there either. The control options are pretty basic but if you can handle your own around a kitchen then gadgets with crazy settings only get in the way.

With this product, there is absolutely no need to hesitate. Promising reviews: "Honestly, this should be in every kitchen in the world. This is by far the most useful thing my house has seen in a long time. I now have two, and using them everyday saves so much time I use to spend chopping.

Promising review: "These are pretty great little containers. I use them for meal prepping. I put the veggies in the big compartment and the meat and starches in the smaller compartments. they have to stay flat in your lunch bag or fridge or they will leak.

Promising review: "I have six that have been used EVERY week for 2. Each one has been used at least times. Always microwaved, always washed in the dishwasher, and a couple get frozen for a few days each week too. There has NEVER been a single leak, crack or problem with any of the glass parts or lids.

I've had a pair of these for over six years, and they're still going strong — and they're hands-down the absolute easiest way to cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts into one-inch pieces for sautés and tray bakes, at least IMO.

Promising review: "So far, these kitchen scissors have been excellent. They are heavy duty, allowing me to cut through large pieces of beef or chicken, and the handles do not bend or distort their shape while I'm cutting something thick. The blades are sharp. I use them for opening packages as well, or for cutting sandwiches or pizza into bite sizes for my kiddos.

I've used these daily for 2 months, and so far, have not seen any rust in the pivot screw in the center. To wash them, I hold them under the running tap and scrub with a soapy brush, then put them upright, open, in my dish-rack to dry.

Bonus: the little blade guard will be perfect for keeping them closed to take on a camping trip. I would absolutely recommend these! All in less time than it'd take in your stove or oven.

Browse 21 pressure cooker dinner ideas , and 16 five-ingredient pressure cooker recipes. Promising review for the Instant Pot: "Never used one of these before and OMG. I am absolutely IN LOVE. Meats come out like they're from 5-Star restaurants, and its quick cooking time is amazing. This was recommended to me by a friend, and it's quickly becoming a staple tool for my weekly meal-prep Sundays.

This has paid for itself after a week of use. Here's our full review of the Instant Pot. Promising review for the CrockPot Multicooker: "I am cooking again!

With a busy family, I need fast! I wish I had this appliance before now! What sold me was the ability to cook with frozen meat. I can start with frozen chicken and not have to thaw! I cannot tell any difference between thawing before or when I started with frozen meat.

My Chinese dishes are much better and faster than running for takeout, not to mention healthier and cheaper. My family was amazed at the individual Chocolate Lava cakes I was able to make quickly and easily. My picky year-old son deemed them better than the restaurants and I agree.

Promising reviews: "This gadget makes cutting broccoli and cauliflower a breeze! Safer than a knife as well! I would trust my child with this task.

Well, he can just keep rolling them cuz this little gem is amazing! Allows you to hug the core of the cauliflower and pop those florets off with ease! So handy. I use these every week for my strawberries and spinach and swear by 'em — read more in my full review.

Promising review: "FreshWorks Containers really do keep my fruit fresh longer than typical refrigeration. My strawberries also hold their sweetness, unlike the 1st day directly after purchase but better than no sweetness after placing in fridge alone.

There's no way my strawberries would look this good in their original container or another. I would have tossed them in the trash by now! When your roast veggies have enough space like in the photo on the right , they can truly roast — when you crowd them all on a small baking sheet, they're more likely to steam.

FYI, this one's 15''x21'', so just make sure your oven can fit such a large pan. Promising reviews: "Nice BIG pan for roasted veggies done in a convection oven.

I've always had to overload one large, one smaller pan which cuts down caramelization. Just what I needed, and we've had great success with Wilton products in the past. Fits into my oven without much room to spare but can roast huge amounts of veggies all at once.

Very happy with purchase. And check out the recipes and instructions for Tasty's easy 7-day make-ahead meal plan. Silicone freezing trays are a total lifesaver when it comes to meal prep, especially for those of us who like to make smoothies or juices.

These trays are so versatile, and you can use them to freeze pretty much anything you want — from pureed fruits and veggies to homemade bone broth or broth-based soups. Use these trays for perfect smoothie meal prep:.

They keep your meals fresh and ready to grab on the go. Steel containers are durable and can keep your meals hot or cold for longer periods of time. Food processors can help you save so much time and energy in the kitchen. With a food processor, you can chop vegetables, shred cheese, make hummus, pesto, or nut butter, and even make your own energy balls or granola bars.

I use my food processor on recipes like these:. Superfood Raw Energy Bars With Cacao. Easy Chickpea Blondies With Macadamia. Ultimately, there are many essential kitchen items to consider if you want to make healthy meal prep a regular part of your routine. But this list is a great place to start!

Food processors and blenders can make quick work of chopping and pureeing ingredients for sauces and dips, and silicone freezing trays and storage containers will keep your prepped meals and ingredients fresh and organized. My name is Kevin. My life changed when I realized that healthy living is a lifelong journey, mainly won by having a well-balanced diet and maintaining an active lifestyle.

By experimenting in the kitchen and sharing my meals on Tumblr, I learned healthy eating is not boring! By making a few adjustments to my favorite foods, I could design a diet that could help me achieve my wellness goals while satisfying my desire for BANGIN food!

Welcome, let's DemocratizeWellness together! Skip to content. Meal Prep Tools. Published on: June 8th, Last Updated on: July 2nd, Author: Kevin Curry. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hey, I'm Kevin My name is Kevin.

Tools Kitchen Essentials — Getting Started With Your Healthy Eating Plan. Tools Non-stick vs Cast-Iron: What You Need to Know.

Meal Prep 16 Meal Prep Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings. Uncategorized 5 Perfect Long Weekend Recipes For ANY Diet. Hacks 10 Easy Instant Pot Recipes. Subscribe Join The Fit Cook Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and get latest updates right in your inbox.

Magnetic Cutting Board. Premium Pattern Exterior. Cutting Surface. BONUS: Duet Utensil. BONUS: 2nd Cutting Board.

BONUS: Additional Containers. BONUS: Cheat Sheets. BONUS: Souper Cubes. Gen 2 Dimensions. Prepdeck Gen 2 is Stacked! Watch Belqui's Review. Belqui M.. Watch Marissa's Review. A brilliant Way to meal prep for an entire week! Marissa C. Watch Emily's Review. Look how organized I am! I'm never this organized in the kitchen!

Emily M.. Watch Britney's Review. Prepdeck makes meal prep a breeze. Britney C. Watch Eric's Review. Eric E.. Watch Julie's Review. I love having everything in one place while preparing my meals!

Julie H.. Watch Alyssa's Review. Prepdeck is perfect for my food styling shoots. Alyssa M.. Watch Annmarie's Review. Annmarie S.. Watch Camille's Review. Camille B.. We're getting noticed!

Frequently Asked Questions How is Generation 2 different from the original Prepdeck? Can I choose which accessories are included in Prepdeck?

How does the cutting board work? Can Prepdeck save me time in the kitchen? Can Prepdeck make me a better cook?

Food chopper, food processor, Vitamix, immersion blender, slow cooker, air fryer there are probably more, but these are essentials in my meal Things that have a high degree of versatility, and basically become indispensable once you start using them; a microplane, a mortal and pestle Meal Prep Tools · Herb Choppers · Mandolines & Slicers · Mason Jar Meal Prep Accessories

Meal prep accessories - Bentgo® Prep Piece Meal Prep Kit - Reusable Food Containers 1-Compartment, 2-Compartment, & 3-Compartments for Healthy Eating - Microwave, Freezer, & Food chopper, food processor, Vitamix, immersion blender, slow cooker, air fryer there are probably more, but these are essentials in my meal Things that have a high degree of versatility, and basically become indispensable once you start using them; a microplane, a mortal and pestle Meal Prep Tools · Herb Choppers · Mandolines & Slicers · Mason Jar Meal Prep Accessories

Everything's prepped, in its place, ready to go. I love it! I am IN LOVE with the prepdeck. I am a private chef and it is so convenient to prep things and store them neatly! love it!! You can choose from a range of cutting board options and additional accessories, but the core Prepdeck system cannot be customized.

Additionally, you can shop our range of accessories to add to your existing Prepdeck at any time. The cutting board is foldable, magnetically detachable, and doubles as the enclosure for your Prepdeck unit. which protects the sharpness of your knives! The magnetic enclosure makes it easy to detach and clean or swap out.

This helps prevent cross-contamination when switching between cutting meat, seafood, and veggies. We recommend washing the cutting board by hand.

Prepdeck saves you time by optimizing and organizing your process to make you more efficient in the kitchen. It also helps you organize and plan meals ahead, say on a Sunday afternoon, so during your busy work week you can get straight to the cooking without devoting time to prep and cleanup.

Prepdeck teaches mise en place best practices, which leads to better recipe outcomes and a more enjoyable experience in the kitchen, making you a better, more confident cook! No more frantically searching for or prepping the next ingredient while another burns on the stove top.

With Prepdeck, all ingredients are in their place mise en place and ready for use so you can focus on your recipe without stress or distraction. Prepdeck contains your kitchen mess, and helps you organize and plan meals so there are fewer and shorter post-cooking cleanup sessions throughout the week.

Prepdeck is dishwasher friendly, so all containers and tools can be whisked straight into the dishwasher as you cook.

We encourage you to plan ahead and prep ingredients for multiple meals in one afternoon or evening. Our stackable containers allow you to easily store prepped ingredients in the fridge, so you can cook them throughout the week.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, we accept returns for purchases made at www. com within 30 days of receipt. Paid shipping, upgraded shipping or shipping insurance is non-refundable.

Returns incur a shipping fee. For full details of our return policy, please click here. All containers and tools are dishwasher-safe. We recommend washing the cutting board and the base by hand. Prepdeck Gen 2. View more images.

Color: White Stone White Stone. Midnight Black. White Stone Midnight Black Glacier White - Unavailable Licorice Ice - Unavailable Walnut - Unavailable Birch - Unavailable.

Add to cart. Couldn't load pickup availability Refresh. HAPPINESS GUARANTEE Try us risk-free for 30 days. WARRANTY INCLUDED For total peace of mind. Which Prepdeck is right for you?

New release. Gen 2. Everything you need to prep for 4 or more. Sous Chef Package. Best Value. Expanded system for elevated recipe prep.

What's included. Sous Chef. XL Containers 44 oz. L Containers 22 oz. M Containers 4 oz. S Containers 2. Mini Containers 1. Magnetic Cutting Board. Premium Pattern Exterior. Cutting Surface. BONUS: Duet Utensil. BONUS: 2nd Cutting Board. BONUS: Additional Containers.

BONUS: Cheat Sheets. BONUS: Souper Cubes. Gen 2 Dimensions. Prepdeck Gen 2 is Stacked! When you buy through our links, Business Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. When you don't know what to make for dinner tonight, coming up with lunch three days from now may seem hopelessly ridiculous.

You use the best meal delivery services for backup, but by setting a time each week to plan and meal prep, you free your mind from deciding on your next meal. Plus, you'll save time and money while reducing food waste. While meal prepping takes a little getting used to, the right cooking gadgets can help set you up for success.

These are the eight best meal prep tools below that will help speed up your veggie chopping, bake multiple meals at once, and keep all your food fresh while shaving time off your prep and keeping you motivated for weeks to come. A baking sheet is a must if you want to make delectable roasted vegetables or mouthwatering cookies.

The Nordic Ware Natural Half Sheet is the top pick in our best baking sheets guide because it cooks food evenly and releases items easily.

In our tests, a little olive oil was all that was needed to keep potatoes from sticking, and cookies slid right off, perfectly browned.

A food processor is an indispensable and efficient meal prep tool. I tested 10 units for our guide to the best food processors , and the Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro is the best.

It's on the pricier side, but you get a powerful, durable machine with several attachments to help you slice, dice, grate, shred, and just process foods. Specifically, I was impressed with how well it grinds beef and emulsifies mayo.

If the Sous Chef is out of your budget, consider the Hamilton Beach Food Processor. Read our full Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor review. With slow cookers, also known as crock pots, you can toss your ingredients in a pot before leaving for work and come home to a delectable, ready-to-eat meal.

I've tested 15 units for our best slow cookers guide, and the Cuisinart is the best because it maintains consistent temperatures, is easy to use and clean, and it produces tender, juicy roasts and evenly cooked chili.

At half the price of the Cuisinart, the Crockpot Cook and Carry Slow Cooker is a good budget option. It doesn't have a browning function and is harder to clean, but it also performed well in my tests and is easy to transport.

Also known as electric pressure cookers, Instant Pots work much like slow cookers, only they add the element of pressure to speed up the cooking process.

While the Instant Pot popularized electric pressure cookers and makes some of our favorite models, the smart pick in our best Instant Pot guide is from Chef iQ.

The Chef iQ Smart Cooker is packed full of features that make meal prep easier, and best of all, it performed well in our tests, quickly producing tender, flavorful beans and rice.

Once you've cooked your meals, you'll need to divide them up into containers that are durable and easy to transport. The Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Containers set is budget-friendly, versatile, and easy to stack, earning it a spot in our best food storage containers guide.

All 42 pieces 21 containers plus 21 lids are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, though we recommend avoiding putting plastic in the microwave. If you already have your meal prep containers or a ton of takeout containers you can't quite throw away , an insulated lunch box is great for easy transport without worrying about leakage or your food getting cold.

The L. Bean Lunch Box is the top pick in our guide to the best lunch boxes because it's durable, available in eight colors, and is designed to keep food cold. Even if a food processor does most of the slicing and dicing, you'll still need a good knife to prep ingredients for the processor and cut items down to size.

The Victorinox Swiss Classic Kitchen Set is one of the best kitchen knife sets we've tested. The ergonomic handles don't get slippery when your hands are wet, and the knives are sharp out of the package. This set has everything you'll need, from a short paring knife to a long serrated bread knife.

Read our full Victorinox Swiss Classic Knife Set review. Of course, you need a good cutting board if you're cutting. This will protect your counters and make cleaning up and transferring ingredients easier. The best cutting board we've tested is the Williams Sonoma Acacia End-Grain Cutting Board.

Wood cutting boards are generally harder to clean, yet this one is easier than most. Perhaps best of all, you can impress your friends with its stylish looks. It's perfect for Instagram-worthy foodie photos. Subscribe to our newsletter. You can purchase syndication rights to this story here.

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Pantry Meal Kits For Budget, Recession Proof Meals Plus, they accessories go in the Lunchtime specials within your budget, microwave, Special sample offers meal prep accessories. The only downside I've found is that they stain mel from red sauces, but since they stay out of sight in my freezer or cabinet, it doesn't really bother me. Of course, you need a good cutting board if you're cutting. Bentgo Prep Bowls - Champagne. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Browse 21 pressure cooker dinner ideasand 16 five-ingredient pressure cooker recipes. The Meal Prep Bundle

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