Bargain-priced grocery essentials

Thank you for your support in allowing this site to continue! Eggs are a staple of frugal eating. Scramble them, fry them, or boil them. You can turn them into egg salad for sandwiches, use them to make frittatas, or use them as the base for a quiche.

Honey can be added into homemade baked goods, savory Asian-style sauces for stir fry, or as a healthier sweetener for your oatmeal.

Bread is the perfect vehicle for most meals! Of course, you can make some delicious sandwiches out of bread. Or dip it in eggs, vanilla extract, and cinnamon to make French toast. Make some bread pudding for dessert.

Tuna is a versatile and cheap protein. You can make a tuna melt sandwich, tuna salad, or eat it straight out of the packaging as a quick and healthy snack! The possibilities are endless for meal ideas with ground beef. Use it in soups, pasta, tacos, burgers, or casseroles!

Often times if you shop near the end of the week or first thing in the morning, you may catch some discounted beef at the grocery store that is getting close to its expiration date.

Snatch those clearance packs up and freeze them! Chicken is the star of so many dishes! You can serve it over rice, alongside mashed potatoes, roast it, fry it, shred it, or grill it. If you opt for a whole chicken, you can break it apart and use every piece of it in some way.

Grab some bread or tortillas and make yourself a delicious sandwich or wrap for a meal! You can also slice up the lunch meat and use it as a protein on top of a fresh salad. Tortillas are so versatile! Fill them with eggs and cheese for breakfast burritos.

Make a simple cheese quesadilla. You can even coat them with cinnamon and sugar and toss in the air fryer for a lightly sweetened, crunchy snack alongside some fruit salsa! Use it in cereal which can honestly be for any meal, right?!

You can also soak your chicken in it before breading and frying or baking. And, remember those breadcrumbs we mentioned before? They work great as a breading for chicken. You can really get creative with this cheap grocery item!

Make hot oatmeal or overnight oats for a satisfying breakfast. Or make some homemade granola as a crunchy, sweet snack for later in the day! And, of course, you can always use them as the base for homemade cookies.

Flour is a pantry staple that only costs pennies per serving. You can make your own bread, use it as a thickener in sauces, make baked goods, and use it to coat meat for frying up some deliciousness.

The possibilities are endless: spaghetti, ravioli, stuffed shells, lasagna, Alfredo, and more! And you can really make it a dirt cheap meal if you forego the meat and do a vegetarian pasta with just a sauce or some healthy vegetables!

Most stores have pre-made pasta sauce for less than a dollar per jar which makes for a quick and cheap meal. You could even grab the pasta seasoning kits and combine them with some canned tomato sauce for an easy homemade version as well.

Onions add a depth of flavor and sweetness to so many dishes. You can make your meat entree go a little further when you add some onion as well ie: taco meat and meat for pasta. You can add onions alongside some chicken for some tasty fajitas one night. Or amp up a breakfast burrito with some eggs, onions, and bell peppers.

Bell peppers, especially the green variety, can be a little boring, but they can add a lot of texture and color to dishes. Sauté bell peppers with onions for fajitas, breakfast burritos, and taco bowls.

Or, stuff them with beef and rice, then roast in the oven until tender! Use lettuce for salads, wraps, or as a topping for hamburgers or tacos! There are several different varieties of lettuce to choose from but popular favorites are iceberg, romaine, and green leaf lettuce.

All choices are very inexpensive and will usually last about one week in the refrigerator. Juicy tomatoes can be used for so many meals and even as a snack! Cucumbers definitely make the cheap groceries for a month list! This is another great ingredient to add to a salad or just enjoy raw for a healthy snack.

If you want to get creative, you could even make your own homemade tzatziki sauce with some yogurt and a little bit of seasoning. Apples are so versatile and have quite a long shelf life. Eat them for snacks, combine with peanut butter, or mash them up as a base for slow oats.

Mash them, bake them, or turn them into fries! Cube them up and toss them into a chicken pot pie to make it heartier, bake them and smother with chili, or fry them up with peppers and onions for breakfast hash. Rice is a very cheap pantry item that practically never expires.

You can serve it alongside almost any meat for a satisfying side dish with a little bit of seasoning. You can serve it in a casserole, add it to a soup, use it as a base for a stir fry, or even make it the star of the show as fried rice!

Beans are a very filling ingredient that can be added to almost any meal to make you feel fuller, longer! You can choose to grab dried beans and hydrate them yourself.

Or grab some canned beans and whip up something amazing to eat. A few ideas: add them to almost any Mexican dish, make a soup, use garbanzo beans to make hummus, make a vegetarian-style burger, or even get adventurous by making some brownies!

Plus, a lot of these ingredients are perfect for making cheap staples yourself — things like bread and soup that are hearty and incredibly versatile. The best thing about frozen food is that it lasts forever, meaning it will never, ever go to waste.

The downside? And as a Yahoo! Here are some super cheap, very healthy freezer staples to stock up on. Starbucks Has Two New Valentine's Day Drinks.

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Brown Rice Chicken Corn Tortillas

The Ultimate Cheap Grocery List for a Month


How To Fight Inflation At The Grocery Store - Groceries Are Expensive - Weekly Grocery Haul

Bargain-priced grocery essentials - Beans Brown Rice Chicken Corn Tortillas

Then McCord uses the leftover rice to whip up a variety of recipes including Rice Cakes , Leftover Rice Pudding , and Breakfast Rice Bake. So both of these ingredients can stretch your dollar and time as far as possible. While many people are hesitant to stock up on fresh foods because they are perishable—potatoes are the exception to this rule.

Sick of plain pasta again? Chef Chris Aquilino , director of culinary at Elior North America , likes to jazz up his meals with jarred items, including pesto, olives, jalapeños, artichokes, sardines, and anchovies.

They also stay fresh for a long time. According to Aquilino, herb purées, such as basil and cilantro, can even stay fresh for weeks at a time. So don't be afraid to open up that tube. Aquilino also suggests stocking up on tomato paste.

There are numerous ways to cook with tomato paste including topping fish and making barbeque sauce. While you can easily find canned tomato paste at most supermarkets, Aquilino prefers the kind available in a tube.

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The best prices tend to be on the front and back pages. You can even search by item, such as chicken breasts, to compare what stores have it on sale.

While shopping, write down the cost of each item on your list. For the items you buy often , start keeping a list of the best prices you see.

You know that really convenient cut up fruit, and those individually packaged pretzels? Fruits and vegetables are SO much cheaper and more delicious! The good news for you? You just save money automatically! To ensure you never forget anything and have to run back to the store use a master grocery list.

Every time you have to go back to the grocery store, you run the risk of making impulse purchases and blowing your budget. A master grocery list is a reusable list that contains a list of all the foods, ingredients, and household necessities you buy, and you reference it over and over when you write your shopping list.

In addition to food, this list will help remind you of other household items you may be running low on. Trust me, I love using coupons. But the danger comes when you buy things just because you have a coupon.

The final key to your success will be how well you use the cheap grocery list you created. Whatever you do, do NOT walk up and down each aisle looking at everything. That is recipe for budget disaster.

Keep a laser-like focus on your list, and get in and get out. Keep a list of dirt cheap meals you can cook for cheap. Now that you know what you can spend, the next step in creating your basic grocery list is figuring out what you already have at home.

One of the keys to planning your meals for the week on a budget is not having to buy every last thing. You probably have some meals already hiding in your pantry, fridge, and freezer.

Read Next: Learn How to Save Money This Month with a Pantry Challenge. The idea is just to start assigning meals to the days of the week. The act of having a written list will help everyone in your home know what to expect, and helps you stick to your plan.

These are the beginnings of your healthy grocery list. Okay, you have come up with a few meals based on what you already have, and started making your list.

Or if chicken breasts are on sale in the big family pack size, plan dinners that use chicken this week. Even at those loss leader prices, meat is more expensive than most other food ingredients.

Dinners are the first thing people think of when they plan out their meals. The bottom line is that you have to be honest about your time, energy, and sanity, and do what works best for you and your household.

Even fresh foods, dairy products, and lean proteins can be attainable without runing your grocery bill.

Grcery out Inexpensive BBQ Skewer Sets simple food staples and essentias planning your meals for the week ahead. Essentials Gluten-free discounted meal delivery services are Gluten-free discounted meal delivery services inexpensive source Bargain-pricef protein. Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards. Oils can add flavor to the cheapest food without breaking the bank. What You Need to Know About Collagen Supplements. Cooking a whole chicken and deboning it is a bit of extra work but it will save you money on your groceries! Email Facebook Instagram Pinterest TikTok YouTube.

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