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So much time and energy goes into the holiday shopping season, but primarily from a marketing perspective. While the marketing piece is a huge part of the puzzle, make sure to devote just as much resources to the last mile. Shipday's, mission is to democratize access to easy and cost-efficient deliveries for small businesses so they can operate more competitively.

By offering the same technology infrastructure that larger, on-demand delivery companies use at a fraction of the cost, small businesses are finally able to compete at a much larger scale—offering personalized, instant delivery experiences anytime during the year.

We build advanced pickup, delivery and shipping tools for Shopify. Shopify Apps. Get started free. With Clickpost, businesses can easily switch between shipping carriers using an AI-powered engine. The platform integrates with over shipping partners and provides end-to-end visibility, making it easier for companies to optimize their e-commerce logistics operations and deliver a seamless customer experience.

The last mile delivery landscape is experiencing disruptions from startups and software companies introducing innovative solutions.

However, these newcomers may not be equipped to handle the scale of large e-commerce businesses just yet. In such cases, it is essential to rely on one of the major players in the industry.

Unfortunately for business owners, while these big last mile delivery companies usually offer great services, they often come with billing errors, overcharges, and mistakes on their invoices. These issues can cost businesses a fortune. Utilizing a third-party auditing service like P3 Cost Analysts becomes crucial to ensure cost-effectiveness and avoid overcharging or incorrect fees.

By examining invoices and verifying charges, businesses can ensure they are benefiting from the most cost-effective solutions and optimizing their last mile delivery operations. However, this process is time-consuming and complicated, so working with a cost reduction firm like P3 is the most affordable way for businesses to lower their last mile delivery costs.

With a multitude of final mile delivery companies to choose from, the decision-making process can be overwhelming for business owners.

In such cases, seeking help from last mile shipping professionals can be the easiest and most effective solution. P3 Cost Analysts can assist by evaluating your current shipping providers, identifying steps to lower costs, and providing ongoing monitoring of invoices.

P3 Cost Analysts is proud to be a fully remote working organization since Schedule My Free Audit. What Is Last Mile Delivery?

Increasing Demand for Last Mile Logistics In recent years, the growth of e-commerce has led to an increased emphasis on last mile delivery services. Last Mile Distribution Industry Trends Industry trends in last mile logistics mirror those of many other industries. Technological Advancements Each year, the technological advancements in the industry continue to surprise us.

Sustainable Solutions Sustainability has become a key focus in the last mile delivery sector. Customer Experience Enhancements Enhancing the customer experience is a top priority for last mile delivery providers.

Same-Day and On-Demand Delivery The demand for faster deliveries, including same-day and on-demand services, has grown significantly. Established Last Mile Delivery Companies These well-established industry leaders have built a strong reputation and extensive networks in the last mile delivery space.

UPS UPS, a renowned global logistics company that rakes in nearly billion in annual revenue, specializes in last mile delivery services. FedEx FedEx distinguishes itself from other last mile delivery services through its extensive global network and comprehensive range of services.

USPS USPS, while not quite as fast as some of its competitors, stands out from other shippers with its extensive nationwide coverage and affordable shipping options. DHL Group DHL is another massive, worldwide shipping company that offers some of the best options for international shipping.

Amazon Amazon, known for its disruptive impact on the retail industry and the rise of the digital marketplace, has significantly influenced the last mile distribution industry.

OnTrac OnTrac has been aiming to disrupt the big national shipping carriers, claiming they deliver on average one to two days faster than their large competitors. Emerging Last Mile Shipping Companies These up-and-coming players are disrupting the last mile delivery landscape with their fresh approaches and innovative solutions.

Postmates Postmates varies from the others on our list in that it is a personal on-demand delivery platform that connects customers with local couriers to fulfill their delivery needs.

Hitch Hitch is an emerging last mile delivery startup that focuses on creating a peer-to-peer delivery network. Dropoff Dropoff is an on-demand, same-day custom courier service designed for businesses.

Nuro Nuro is a leading autonomous delivery company specializing in developing and deploying self-driving vehicles for last-mile delivery.

Matternet Matternet is an innovative company that focuses on developing autonomous drone delivery systems for last mile logistics. Instacart Instacart is a popular on-demand grocery delivery platform connecting customers with personal shoppers to fulfill grocery orders.

Last Mile Logistics Companies and Software Platforms In addition to the traditional final mile delivery companies and newer startups, there are other ventures that focus on logistics and optimization. Onfleet Onfleet is a leading delivery management software platform that enables businesses to optimize their last mile operations.

Fareye Fareye is a logistics technology company offering a comprehensive end-to-end logistics management platform. ClickPost ClickPost is a technology platform that offers a comprehensive and streamlined solution for e-commerce shipping and logistics.

Considerations When Choosing Last Mile Delivery Companies The last mile delivery landscape is experiencing disruptions from startups and software companies introducing innovative solutions.

Save the Most on Last Mile Delivery With a multitude of final mile delivery companies to choose from, the decision-making process can be overwhelming for business owners.

Related Articles. UPS Competitors: 5 Shipping Companies Like UPS to Consider Read More ». Helping over 30, client locations save money on their monthly expenses since That means you still have to handle shipping, including last mile delivery, for the orders that come in that way.

Image Source. Given the vast majority of deliveries are small packages, these numbers reflect small parcels rather than large cargo. You also need to factor in other costs like warehousing, fuel, and vehicle maintenance. Delivering thousands of packages to their final destination every day is a complex logistical challenge.

Last mile fulfillment is complicated, and many factors contribute to the overall cost. When your drivers are delivering multiple packages to different locations around a city, they have to use local roads.

Smaller delivery trucks and vans average 6. If you handle deliveries in urban areas, 55 mph is not a realistic average speed for your delivery fleet. How low it will drop depends on the local road and traffic situation. The need to decelerate, stop, and accelerate at rapid intervals has a significant impact on both average speeds and fuel efficiency.

So not only do your drivers have to spend a lot more time on the road to cover the same distance, but it also costs you more in gas. Driving and dropping off packages in the city leads to a lot more idling than other stages of shipping.

On average, a delivery truck uses 0. Plus, you still have to pay your delivery drivers regardless of whether they are standing still or moving. When you are delivering products to the final customer, however, failed deliveries are a massive part of the equation.

You will face significantly higher total costs, unhappy customers, and many other real business challenges. Higher rates of failed deliveries, unoptimized delivery route planning and schedules lead to significantly higher operating costs. Last mile delivery plays a significant role in the customer satisfaction of anyone who buys a product online.

Customers expect to receive their products on time, in acceptable condition. If you fail to deliver on these expectations, you will alienate customers and suffer from low repeat purchase rates. Increasingly, consumers expect same-day delivery or at least next-day.

They just want the results. If a customer feels that you are taking too long to deliver the product they purchased, they are much more likely to cancel their order. There is also a bigger chance that they will end up returning the product after having purchased an equivalent option at a brick and mortar store.

Route optimization is a valuable type of last mile delivery software that can help you more efficiently manage your delivery fleet, increase your delivery capacity, and minimize failed deliveries — turning last mile logistics from a problem into a business asset.

Route optimization is the process of finding the shortest and most cost-efficient route to handle a list of deliveries. Route optimization software helps your business consider all the variables and efficiently plan and schedule deliveries to your customers.

It ensures your product gets delivered as quickly and inexpensively as possible. So, instead of giving your customers vague ETAs, you can send them automated notifications with the real location of their delivery driver at that moment.

Logistics professionals understand that the last mile is the least efficient, most complex and most expensive step in a package's journey. A The last mile accounts for between 41% and 53% of total supply chain costs, depending on who you ask. We'll dive deeper into the reasons in the The average last-mile cost per delivery for a large package to a low-density area is $ (SupplyChainDrive); Most delivery drivers earn $16 to


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