Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals

Delivery area: 48 states not Alaska and Hawaii. Consider its Harvest Bowls, which can be microwaved or prepared on a stovetop, Harvest Bakes that you pop into the oven and are big enough to share , flatbreads, soups, chia seed bowls—the list goes on.

Bonus: all of its ingredients are sustainably-sourced and entirely vegan. How it works: Choose between 9, 14, or 24 items for a weekly or monthly delivery. With a subscription, you can mix and match: choose all smoothies or pick favorites from a variety of categories, including harvest bowls, harvest bakes, flatbreads, grains, soups, forager bowls, bites, lattes, and mylk.

Delivery area: Ships to 95 percent of the continental U. Check if you live in a delivery zone by clicking "Get Started" on the Daily Harvest homepage and entering your zip code and email address. Good for: Plant-based, Whole30, high fiber.

Co-founded by a James Beard Award-winning chef, Sunbasket employs a team of chefs and registered dietitians to make tasty meals featuring organic produce. For meals that cook themselves wait, what?! It separates itself from other meal kit services in that it also makes a smart oven that scans your meal and uses heat and steam to prepare it.

The oven also works with items you find at the grocery store, like pizza rolls, and has a manual option to steam, bake, broil, toast, and reheat whatever you want. How it works: Choose between four and 16 meals deliveries every week. Also filter your meals based on options like carb conscious, gluten-free, vegetarian, and calorie-smart picks.

Delivery area: 48 states not Alaska and Hawaii Good for: Calorie smart, carb conscious, vegetarian, gluten-friendly. Trifecta offers more than just ready-to-eat meals that cater to specialty diets like keto, paleo, and vegan.

It also has a team of nutrition experts that offer support and guidance, plus an app that tracks macros. The company's testimonials page is filled with customers who have lost weight, gotten into shape, and even improved gut health with Trifecta.

How it works: Select your desired meal plan, including clean, paleo, Whole30, keto, high protein vegan, or high protein vegetarian. You can choose up to 14 entrees per delivery. The meals last about up to 10 days in the fridge and three months in the freezer. Delivery area: 50 states Good for: Clean, paleo, Whole30, keto, high protein vegan, high protein vegetarian.

BistroMD is one of the best prepared meal delivery services for diabetics or those looking to shed some weight. The brand was founded by a medical doctor and includes a team of dietitians who formulate each of its offerings.

Nutritionists at the Good Housekeeping Institute are impressed by this service because of its quality ingredients, flavors, and variety of options. The kits are all science-backed, with the heart healthy plan in particular including meals that are at or below the American Heart Association 's recommendations for calories, sodium, total fat and saturated fat.

Testers in the lab also described the taste as "restaurant quality" and found the meals to be satisfying even though they were portion controlled. And reviewers agree. One recommends these for anyone "seeking a healthy way to reach their nutrition goals.

How it works: Choose a preferred plan to meet your needs, such as signature weight loss , gluten-free, heart-healthy, and vegan. You can also customize your plan by using your "my bistroMD" account to choose your favorite entrees. The service's registered dietitians will use this information to build a personalized diet plan to your liking.

Delivery area: 48 states not Alaska and Hawaii Good for: Weight loss, gluten-free, heart health, keto, diabetic, menopause, vegan. If you want to eat like Gwyneth Paltrow, look no further than this health-focused meal plan from Sakara Life.

The service says it harnesses the power of food as medicine to provide ready-to-eat meals that are organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and have no refined sugars. To sign up, you need to choose at least two meals and how many days a week you want them two, three, or five.

Also select how many days you want meals each delivery two, three, or five days , as well as between three or five meals. Other program offerings including The Metabolism Reset, The Fresh Start Cleanse, The Performance System, and The Gut Health Reboot. Delivery area: 49 states not including Hawaii Good for: Plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO.

Also, for every box sold, Mosaic donates two pounds of nutritious food to New Yorkers in need in partnership with City Harvest. Mosaic also offers bake-and-serve Family Meals that feed four. Note: There are filters like wheat free or nut free you can choose from.

From there, select your delivery preference: every one to four weeks. Delivery area: Most major metro areas in the Eastern and Western U. You can see if Mosaic ships to your area by going to the brand's homepage, pressing "Get Started," and entering your zip code and email address.

Good for: Vegetarian, vegan, plant-based. Prefer lighter fare? Female-founded, plant-based brand Splendid Spoon specializes in smoothies and soups, as well as grain and noodle bowls, wellness shots, and cold-pressed juices.

How it works: You can either sign up for 7, 14, or 21 meals each week. There are over 50 different plant-based smoothies, bowls, and meals available—all of which are free of gluten, dairy, and artificial sweeteners. Subscription plans offer biweekly delivery cadence that can be skipped, paused, or canceled at any time.

For the picky eaters in your household, we suggest Little Spoon. Providing meals for all age ranges, from infants to toddlers to young kids, Little Spoon exposes kids to a variety of flavors and ingredients at a young age. Dietitian Perry Nix, RD, speaks on the importance of diversifying the foods a child is exposed to early on.

Senior editor and certified nutrition coach Nicole Davis tested out these meals directly with the source: her two oldest children. The kids, being moderately picky in their foods, had mixed reactions to some meals. Whether or not Little Spoon is right for you and your children will mostly depend on how your children like it.

However, with organic ingredients that are non-GMO, this is a great meal service for kids. You can read our in-depth thoughts in our Little Spoon review. Not every meal service we tried made our top picks; here are a few honorable mentions we tested:. Obviously, one of the biggest factors we accounted for on these meal delivery services was the price that these meal services brought to the table pun intended.

There are more benefits to an inexpensive meal service besides the money. You can still have many of the benefits of meal services while staying on budget. Finding a meal delivery service that fits in your budget will help you save money.

You buy just the meals you need at affordable prices, and can save on the cost of a grocery run in many cases. Meal prep for the week can take up a lot of time, which is a huge perk of meal delivery services. Meal kits provide just the right amount of ingredients for your meals, with many ingredients prepared already, so it minimizes the time needed to prepare and cook meals.

Additionally, prepared meals can just be put in an oven or microwave to heat up, virtually eliminating prep time completely. Many meal services provide plans and options for people with specific dietary restrictions or needs. Also, anyone following keto, low-carb, paleo, vegan, or pescatarian diets will often find options through meal delivery services.

This takes out a lot of the hassle of having to find the right meals for your exact needs. Often at the grocery store, you may have to purchase more food than you want or need for the week, like purchasing a bag of onions when you only need one. Plus, many meal services source their ingredients sustainably through local organic farmers, which also impacts the environment in a positive way.

With trying to be frugal with your money, here are some things to look out for:. Many meal delivery services offer a first-time discount, which can vary depending on the company. These discounts can be substantial, although prices may jump back up after a bit of use.

Here are a few of our best picks for meal services that offer consistently inexpensive meal options:. Many meal delivery services have smaller minimums and meal plans to cater for just one person. The cost of HelloFresh varies depending on the number of meal portions you order each week. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Learn more about our experts. GGR Score: 4. Check Price. Cons Fresh ingredients need to be cooked within 4 days of delivery Meal selection only after signing up and entering payment information. Bottom Line Skip the food shopping and the chopping—Dinnerly is a meal kit service that sends you fresh ingredients right to your door with most of the food preparation already done.

Low minimum of meals Over meals to choose from. Cons Very little customization when choosing meal plans Meals can be pricey. Bottom Line Fresh N Lean is a prepared meal delivery service that has a variety of meal plans to choose from.

Product Highlights Meal service that delivers ingredients and recipes 6 different plans available, including vegan and pescatarian options Can swap out different proteins and sides Can purchase between 2 and 6 meals, in portions to feed 2 or 4 people 40 weekly recipes to choose from Sourced from U.

farmers 6 meal plans to choose from. Cons Customer reviews complain about ingredient inconsistencies Some reviews claim meal portions are small. Bottom Line HelloFresh is a subscription meal delivery service that provides ingredients and recipes for weekly meals.

Cons You do have to cook Have to meet plan minimum each week though you can adjust your minimum on a weekly basis. Disclaimer: All the services tested below were tried by Healthline writers or editors, who received the meals for free.

All opinions are our own. Meal delivery services can be an easy way to add more variety to your diet while saving time on meal prep. Prepared meal delivery services are especially convenient, with many offering meals that can be simply reheated and enjoyed — no cooking, cutting, or cleaning required.

Healthline writers and editors tried more than 20 of the most popular prepared meal delivery services to find out which ones are worth paying for. During testing, we consider several factors, including the ease of the sign-up and meal selection process, the variety and nutritional composition of the meals offered, ingredient quality and freshness, how easy the meals are to cook, and, of course, the taste.

You can learn more about how we test meal kits. Each service in this article:. You can read more about our vetting process. Prepared meal delivery services provide ready-made fresh or frozen meals, which require little to no cooking or preparation.

These meal delivery services are designed to help you spend less time in the kitchen and can be a convenient alternative to meal kits or buying ingredients and preparing meals at home.

Prepared meals can also be a simple way to enjoy nutritious foods and include a wider variety of ingredients in your weekly menu. Factor and Trifecta Nutrition are two of our favorite healthy prepared options because many of their meals are crafted to be nutritionally balanced, featuring lean proteins, complex carbs, and plenty of vegetables.

They also feature menus to suit certain diet patterns. Splendid Spoon is one of our favorite prepared meal delivery services for singles, thanks to its wide selection of vegan meals and snacks, creative flavor combinations, and nutritional quality of the dishes.

With that said, there are many great prepared food delivery services catered to individuals. The best option will depend on your dietary needs, budget, and food preferences. Factor is our favorite prepared meal delivery service, thanks to its diverse menu and innovative flavor combinations.

Home Chef is another popular service, which offers an assortment of oven-ready meals and meal kit options, depending on your preferences. For frozen meals that are full of flavor, consider other services like Mosaic. Many meal delivery services are available and can help you enjoy healthy meals at home.

There are options for many specific diets and food preferences, including services tailored to older adults, vegetarians, athletes, and more.

When picking a prepared meal delivery service, be sure to consider factors such as cost, availability, variety, and quality. Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

VIEW ALL HISTORY. Frozen meal delivery offers easy, fast, and surprisingly nutritious meals. Here are the six best options, according to our dietitian. Here are the best senior meal delivery services providing nutritious meals with little to no meal prep needed. BistroMD's weight loss program aims to make meals convenient.

Here's a review from a working parent. Splendid Spoon offers a quick and convenient way to enjoy fresh, plant-based meals at home, with little to no effort required. We tried over 25 items…. Whether you're trying to avoid going to the grocery store due to COVID or looking to simplify your busy life, grocery delivery services can be very….

$7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready

Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals - Daily Harvest $7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready

They cater to all of that and even give me recipes to pair with all my meals. I'll even cook the meals for friends when they come over if I want to throw a last-minute dinner party.

All the dishes come together super fast, and they're actually so delicious. The company offers pre-made protein-packed, gluten-free, and fiber-rich meals that get delivered straight right to your door.

There are a bunch of different meal delivery plans at your disposal here including keto, paleo, low-carb, vegan, etc. Everything they deliver is approved by their dietitians and prepared from scratch in Moosic, Pennsylvania. Rave Review: "The food options are great, as is the taste! The online experience is easy and fast.

Love this service! Created by an actual MD as a weight loss service to help patients, BistroMD is the perfect middle ground between a meal delivery service and personalized health plan. Choose between four different weight loss programs: standard, gluten-free, diabetic, or menopause.

Your weekly box will either include five to seven full days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner—or, five to seven days worth of just lunch and dinner. Once your plan is picked, registered dietitians on the BistroMD team will create a custom diet plan based on your taste preferences and weight-loss goals.

Plus, you can update your profile with likes, dislikes, and health changes at any time and your meal plan will be adjusted. Rave Review: "When it comes to food, I love variety and trying new things, but had fell into a pattern of eating the same as my 63 [year-old] husband.

After two weeks on the meals, which I really enjoyed from the start, I had lost about three pounds. Now, I no longer have to take blood pressure medication and with 40 pounds down, I'm determined to continue my weight loss journey!

Besides being fully vegan and gluten-free, you can even opt out of certain ingredients preferences like cilantro, nuts, mushrooms, soy, or even spice. Their protein-packed smoothies are a fan favorite for people who are often on the go, too. Editor Review: "Some say I'm a picky eater, but hey, what's wrong with knowing what I like?

I have a lot of dietary restrictions, and Splendid Spoon doesn't make me feel like I'm being overly particular when I state my dairy-free, gluten-free preferences.

I also love that with them, I know I'm getting food that has a short ingredients list with ingredients I can fully recognize and pronounces. No weird chemicals or funky things. They never taste like they've been in the freezer after I've warmed them up. The only thing I'll say is that I feel my best when I eat meals that are high in protein and veggies, and lower in carbs.

Splendid Spoon tends to be more skewed towards being carb-heavy, with less of a focus on the protein and veggies. The Kate Hudson- and Hillary Duff-approved meal delivery service focuses on super fresh ingredients in pre-made meals. Every plant-based meal box comes with a schedule that tells you what to eat every day with the goal of weight loss, digestive improvement, a boost in energy, and more.

The only caveat? Nutritionist Bridgette Becker notes that if you're sensitive to sugar, you'll want to pay attention to ingredient labels on each meal.

Editor Review: "I felt residual fatigue effects after having COVID and decided to try a week of Sakara meals leading up to my wedding to go into the festivities with better energy. The impact of eating so much fresh produce and whole foods blew my mind. I had not felt so alert, regular if you know what I mean , and clear-headed in months.

The week of meals also motivated me to continue cooking plant-heavy, anti-inflammatory dishes at home afterward. I will definitely order Sakara again when I need a mind and body reset. Women's Health previous senior commerce editor, Neha Tandon, also wrote a full review of Sakara here.

Big on organic fruits and veggies? Totally feel you there. Nutritionist and author of The Flexitarian Diet , Dawn Jackson Blatner , RD, recommends that all her clients keep a few of Daily Harvest's meals in their freezer at all times.

The Daily Harvest plan is super customizable, so you can choose how many items you want to order and how often you want them delivered. Editor Review: "I have been a subscriber to DH for years, primarily for the smoothie blends. I am so lazy when it comes to making smoothies too much chopping and blending and cleaning for me, womp.

The smoothie cups make it so easy to throw one together quickly and do not have any unrecognizable ingredients—just delicious fruits and veggies. I add a scoop of protein and it's the perfect way to get more protein in every day.

I appreciate that you can customize how many items you want in your deliveries, and that you can easily skip as many weeks as you want to.

I'm a firm believer in finding healthy shortcuts if you can, and Daily Harvest is just that for me. Read more: Daily Harvest Review. Another one of Becker's favorites, Methodology is a totally keto meal service that also adheres to trendy lifestyles, like a vegan or paleo one.

One of the best parts is that every meal comes in a single-serve jars and containers you can easily pop into your bag before you head to the office or keep in your car when you'll be out for a day of errands.

But, our fave part of this meal-delivery service is that all meals come in reusable, recyclable packaging and you can opt-in for packaging pickup so your glass jars, bags, and insulated liners get re-used in another order.

Expect a weekly-rotating menu of dishes like banana bread with cream cheese frosting, koji-mustard flank steak, and a maple dijon rosemary chicken salad. It's a great option for single-servings.

Editor Review: "Methodology has to be the most veggie-packed meal delivery service I've ever tried. I tried it for a week, and it's not like I was eating straight kale and leaves for that week. I tried a diverse array of dishes from kelp noodles to tacos and curries. Everything tasted totally different and had strong flavors.

I was super impressed. And the single-serving packaging made it really easy to take a box to work for lunch or even the park for a little picnic! Blue Apron is a meal delivery kit beloved by many for lots of good reasons.

It's super health-conscious and easy for people on the go. Vegetarians and vegans are big fans, too, because Blue Apron offers an entire vegetarian meal plan.

The weekly boxes include pre-portioned ingredients for either two or four servings so you can cook healthy meals for yourself or the whole family. Rave Review: "My entire family loves the dishes I make! This truly makes my life easier as a working mom!

It allows my family to sit down together and enjoy our dinner together. I love that my kids love it. You can also adjust your eating plan to focus on your specific health needs, whether you need to lower your sodium intake or have been advised to go vegetarian.

I lost 40 pounds to focus on the health of my patients. While, of course, it's important to always listen to your body and what it needs, Factor's delivery service works with dietitians to build a variety of portion-controlled plates as an expert-approved guide.

But, what makes Factor truly unique is that when you sign up for the pre-portioned meals, you're also getting free consultations with registered dietitians.

Nutritionist and registered dietitian Brenna Wallace , RDN, notes that one of the most common mistakes when using a meal delivery service can be that you may order meals that aren't catered to your lifestyle. Rave Review: "Delivery is always on time and customer service is helpful.

The food is delicious. I'm always left wanting more, but that's a good thing. Known as the straightforward, easy-to-follow meal-delivery service, Hello Fresh is also pretty helpful if weight loss is your goal. All your ingredients come pre-portioned, so all you need to do is follow the simple recipe provided to get a fresh, home-cooked meal.

It's great for kitchen beginners or aspiring home chefs. Another plus: Each dish is low in sodium and oil and comes with a nutrition label that can be found on their website.

Knowing that info can help you stay within the appropriate amount of calories per day if that's something your nutritionist has recommended you monitor. Becker gives Hello Fresh her stamp of approval, too, noting that the brand is focused on a lot of sustainability efforts, too. Editor Review: "I tried Hello Fresh for a couple of weeks and loved the concept of getting all the ingredients and whipping up a recipe for the whole fam.

The recipes were easy to follow, so I'd recommend them to anyone who is just learning to cook. They were a little lower on veggies than I'd like, and I prefer to pick more high-quality proteins, but it's great in a pinch. Big-name chefs like Einat Admony and Esther Choi joined forces with wellness experts to create recipes that are weight-loss friendly and amateur-proof for this meal-delivery service.

Plus, the company also caters to specialty diets from keto to paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and even those looking for low-calorie options. So yeah, you could say that Cook Unity is a good choice for anyone who's low on time but still wants chef-prepped meals from the comfort of their own couch.

Expect super artistically-crafted dishes like salmon with avocado sauce and cucumber salsa or a sesame ginger tofu poke bowl. Your work-from-home lunches are about to get a serious upgrade. Rave Review: "Thanks for making our lives easier—we live in a small town with lots of fast food options, but very little as far as good, healthy food options good.

You are just what we need. Vegans or just veggie lovers! Purple Carrot's entirely vegan meal-delivery service delivers pre-portioned ingredients that'll help you discover some seriously fun and unique recipes you'll love showing off to your friends though you'll likely want to keep everything to yourself.

Each meal comes with nutritional information and serves at least two people. It's priced a bit higher than some of the other services out there, but it's a great option if you can afford it. Editor Review: "I've tried at least a dozen meal delivery services, and of the ones that didn't come prepared and instead came with ingredients I had to prep , Purple Carrot's were the most delicious, by far.

I had a vegan zucchini flatbread last year that I still can't stop thinking about. It wasn't as high in protein and veggies as I'd like, so I did end up supplementing a lot of dishes with my own ingredients, but there's no doubting that these dishes were absolutely delicious and easy to whip up on a weeknight.

I actually found myself looking forward to making them at the end of the night! Green Chef's USDA-certified organic meal kit offers tons of options for a variety of different dietary needs and preferences, from vegetarian to gluten-free and paleo diets. Dishes and recipes offered all super unique.

Many people say they feel like they're getting fancy restaurant-level food straight at home. A lot of the dishes come with pre-made sauces and dressings, which can be a serious timesaver. But, Kaufman suggests scanning the nutritional facts for the sugar content in your meals, as dressings can sometimes be packed with this weight-loss saboteur.

As a whole, Kaufman gives this service her nutritionist stamp of approval because it offers a variety of plans that suit most everyone's dietary needs and restrictions, all while being relatively low in sodium, high in protein , and loaded with healthy, satiating fats such as olive oil.

Editor Review: "This delivery service reignited my excitement for cooking after having a baby. It was that good. The recipes are a bit more involved but so worth the extra effort. The ingredients were super fresh and the complete meal tasted delicious, much better than the takeout I'd been relying on.

My favorite part of each meal by far was the sauce, which I proudly made myself and couldn't stop talking about while eating every last bite. Cumin Club. Traditional, authentic Indian food is hard to find in the Western world. That's where Cumin Club comes in.

They leverage a team of Indian chefs to craft meals like paneer butter masala, moong dal lentils , and saag a creamed spinach curry.

Everything comes preservative-free in freeze-dried packets, and all it takes is five minutes of boiling water to get a hot meal on your table. You'll love hosting friends over for a meal and nobody needs to know you didn't make it yourself.

Because all you need is hot water, these make a great gift to the college student in your life. Editor Review: "Any Indian person reading this will sympathize with how seriously difficult it is to find traditional Indian food that actually tastes homemade and I live in NYC where I should have all the options in the world.

After six years of living here and trying to no avail, I'm so grateful to have found Cumin Club. I have no clue how, but their freeze-dried meals come together in like fifteen minutes max and actually taste exactly like the food I've had come out of my mom, aunt, or grandmother's kitchen.

I get homesick often but this helps at least a bit. The best part? I thought that the ingredients list would be scary, but everything actually looks like the exact ingredients I'd use to cook myself.

I seriously don't know how they do it! I even pretended I cooked the meals myself for a guy I was dating. He was so impressed. I t worked, and he'll never know my secret! Our team consulted eight nutritionists and dietitians, and then evaluated thousands of customer reviews and ratings to narrow down the best meal delivery services for a wide range of dietary preferences, budgets, and family sizes.

Whether you're looking for fully prepared heat-and-eat meals for your family or portioned-out ingredients with recipes , you can easily learn how to cook. Enjoy the convenience of easy meal delivery kits or channel your inner chef with options like Hello Fresh , Factor , and Green Chef , all while losing weight effortlessly.

Our team also narrowed down which ones cater to specific dietary restrictions and lifestyles our previous senior commerce editor, Neha Tandon, has a bunch of allergies and therefore makes a good guinea pig , so there are tons of options for you whether you want a diabetes-friendly diet, menopause-friendly one, are trying to cut calories , or are allergic to soy.

Meal delivery services can be healthy if you want them to be. Most services allow you to customize your meals online, so if you want your doorstep deliveries to align with your health goals, go right ahead and start tailoring your plan.

According to Mirchandani, meal delivery services that offer gluten-free, vegan, hormone-safe, and diabetic-friendly options are what to look for if you want to stay on the healthy side. Choose from over 50 pre-made smoothies, bowls and dishes. Filter for additional dietary needs like higher fiber, higher protein, lower calorie, lower carb, lower fat, lower sodium and lower sugar.

Lab results: Our lab experts appreciated the straightforward ordering process and quick shipping turnaround. Although the food arrives frozen, testers noted you can still taste the freshness of each item. Same with the soups," said one tester.

Testers do note that some of the noodles, grain bowls and smoothies have two servings in one small container. Although the fare is on the lighter side, the flavor profiles are great. And while we love the offerings, this isn't the choice for fresh lunchtime salads or sandwiches.

RELATED: The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services. These plant-based, organic meals deliver great flavor and sizable portions too. The service is also gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and free from refined sugars.

How it works: Sakara Life offers a variety of plans with pre-set menus ranging in length from two days to 60 days. The service has five targeted nutrition programs, which include its signature nutrition program and its new Sakara Systems.

Lab results: A tester favorite, Sakara Life's meals had balanced portions and inventive ingredients. Our experts love the high-quality ingredients from Sakara and although the plan is designed to offer health-conscious plant-based options, testers found the meals filling and flavorful.

Another tester commented, "The delivery was well organized and the meals were fresh, flavorful and satisfying.

READ OUR FULL REVIEW: Is Sakara Life Worth It? Thistle focuses on nutritious, fully prepared meals that are veggie-forward. All of the meals are gluten-free and dairy-free too. Enjoy fully prepared meals delivered right to your door, and items are fresh, never frozen.

How it works: The service offers a weekly rotating, globally-inspired menu of six different breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. You'll also find jarred salads, soups and organic cold-pressed juices and wellness shots. There is the option to add meat protein options to lunches and dinners like sustainably sourced chicken, turkey and pork, making it great for flexitarians too.

For shipped boxes, meal subscription plans are available, and you can choose from the following meat or vegan plans:. Lab results: Our registered dietitians appreciate that the meals have balanced macronutrient ratios and substantial amounts of fiber and protein to help keep you full.

Testers liked that the service was plant-forward but also offered up the option for high-quality animal proteins. Popular menu items included the chunky monkey smoothie, Thistle pad thai, southwestern black bean salad, chili verde soup and grilled corn and poblano chile salad.

One tester said: "I loved that everything was already gluten-free and dairy-free, and the meals tasted really fresh. The vegetables were very good quality.

If you live locally on the West Coast or Northeast, you'll get access to Thistle's entire menu. But for the few areas that the brand ships to, you'll only be able to access fixed plans. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's or other gastrointestinal issues, you may have written off meal delivery altogether.

Michelin-star chefs team up with physicians and dietitians to create delicious meals that accommodate complex dietary restrictions.

How it works: The subscription option is designed to help you maintain a low-FODMAP regimen over the course of two to eight weeks.

You can subscribe and choose your meals and have them sent on a recurring schedule or opt for a one-time order. Epicured offers over menu items ranging from fully prepared bowls, entrées and soups to smoothies and energy bites. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

Lab results: Our experts appreciate that Epicured caters to an underserved population, providing exceptional-tasting meals that are easy on the gut. They even offer extra-sensitive IBS meals and GERD-friendly options. Testers liked the "generous portion sizes" and that the meals were surprisingly delicious even though they were also gluten-free and low-FODMAP.

But surprisingly, it was all very good. RELATED: The Best Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Services. You'll pay a premium for this health-conscious prepared meal delivery service from Methodology, but the quality is top-notch.

The entire menu is free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar and includes high-quality proteins that are sustainably sourced. Plus, this service was actually utilized by researchers at Stanford Medicine in a clinical study that looked at the Mediterranean and keto diets.

How it works: Plans include a four- or five-day reset, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner or just lunch and dinner. You can select a plan with meat, seafood or vegan offerings or a combination of the three.

Meals are ready to eat and can be reheated in a microwave or on a stovetop in less than 5 minutes. The brand recently started shipping nationwide too. Lab results: We were really impressed with not only how fresh the meals were but also how filling the generous portion sizes were.

You could tell that everything was made with high-quality ingredients, and the meals received rave reviews in taste tests. Testers appreciated that the meals and snacks come in nice reusable containers too.

There are some restrictions to consider with this service. The menus are largely pre-set, and you'll have to commit to at least four days of meals. Plus, the cost is higher than other services we tested, but the quality definitely reflects that.

Our dietitians also point out that although the meals are nutritionally balanced, the brand does not disclose the sodium in the meals, so keep this in mind if you need to follow a low-sodium diet. To find the best meal delivery services, we recruited over at-home testers along with our in-house food and nutrition experts.

We evaluated over 50 different meal delivery services , ranging from fully prepared options to traditional kits that come with pre-measured ingredients and a follow-along recipe card.

We made our selections based on expert evaluation and tester feedback, including overall satisfaction, food quality, cost, recycling efforts and availability.

Our picks for the best prepared meal delivery services cater to a wide variety of special diets and dietary preferences including gluten-free, organic, vegetarian and more. We've also found that customization is important to many testers, so we took that into account. Although taste is subjective, we chose companies that scored high points overall with testers.

For prepared meal delivery services, we assess how easy it is to navigate and utilize the service's website. We look for robust menu variety, ample dietary preferences to accommodate different needs, multiple reheating options and delicious and inventive meals.

We also evaluate the quality of the meal and how well it reheated. We look for packaging that keeps the food safe but also incorporates sustainable features. Other major factors include cost and delivery ranges which we strongly consider in our tests.

As a result of our testing, we believe the companies spotlighted above deserve recognition for their performance in their categories. That said, this is a fast-growing segment in the food industry and we're likely to see more new entrants emerging in the near future.

We are always testing new offerings in this category to keep readers up-to-date. If these choices are above your budget, check out our guide to the best cheap meal delivery services , or for a more comprehensive guide, our guide to the best meal delivery services.

If you're looking at prepared meal delivery, you have already narrowed down the type of service you desire. Here are some other considerations when selecting the best kit for you:.

But if you have any serious food allergies, you'll want to ensure that the service you choose is equipped to handle that. If you're trying to feed a family, consider a larger meal delivery kit or a service that offers prepared family meals.

Prepared meal delivery services are generally pricier than meal kits since the food comes fully prepared. But many brands offer discounts when you sign up for the service or if you refer a friend, and you can typically take advantage of better pricing if you order more meals. Most meal delivery services incur a flat shipping fee, though some will offer complimentary shipping if your order is over a certain limit.

But we've seen many of the leading meal delivery service brands finding innovative ways to focus on sustainability while ensuring good shipping quality.

Almost every service will have specific instructions on how to recycle or dispose of all of the items in the box on its website.

As a dietitian and working mother, Stefani Sassos is passionate about putting healthy meals on the table for her and her family without having to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Prepared meal delivery services are something that she relies on throughout the week, especially for lunches during busy days.

Stefani has led meal delivery testing efforts for the brand for the past four years and is well-versed in the current meal delivery landscape.

Stefani is dedicated to providing readers with evidence-based content to encourage informed food choices and healthy living. She is an avid CrossFitter and a passionate home cook who loves spending time with her big fit Greek family. The 9 Best Multivitamins For Men.

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The Best Portable Carpet Cleaners. Skip to Content Product Reviews Life Health Food Beauty. sign in. Best Flower Delivery V-Day Gifts For Kids V-Day Gifts For Women V-Day Gifts For Men Amazon Valentine's Gifts. Our Top Picks: 1. Best Chef-Prepared Meal Delivery Service Cook Unity ORDER AT COOKUNITY.

ORDER AT COOKUNITY. Best Keto Prepared Meal Delivery Service Factor ORDER AT FACTOR ORDER AT FACTOR Best Prepared Meal Delivery Service for Weight Loss BistroMD ORDER AT BISTROMD. ORDER AT BISTROMD. Best Wellness Prepared Meal Delivery Service Sakara ORDER AT SAKARA.

ORDER AT SAKARA. Best Flexitarian Prepared Meal Delivery Thistle ORDER AT THISTLE. ORDER AT THISTLE. Best Gluten-Free Prepared Meal Delivery Service Epicured ORDER AT EPICURED. ORDER AT EPICURED. Pros Variety of meal plans to choose from Meals are fresh, not frozen Organically-sourced ingredients.

Cons Prepared meals can be expensive. Packaging The cardboard box, plastic trays and seal can all be recycled. Availability Available nationwide, additional fees for Alaska and Hawaii.

Pros Variety of plant-based offerings Family meals available Solid portion sizes. Cons Limited delivery area.

Free shipping for 12 and 18 item boxes. Packaging All packaging is fully recyclable, including the liner, trays for the veggie bowls and family meals. Availability Mosaic delivers to most major metro areas in the Eastern and Western US.

Pros Gourmet-style prepared meals Nutrition facts provided for each meal Meals are fresh, never frozen. Cons Availability limited in certain areas. Packaging Fully prepared meals are packaged in industrially compostable trays with recyclable components and delivered in reusable insulated bags or recyclable boxes.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Pros Innovative and flavorful keto-friendly options Complimentary consultation with a dietitian Add-ons include shakes, smoothies, snacks and desserts.

Cons Meals can be high in saturated fat. Packaging Boxes can be broken down and placed with curbside recycling. The insulation is curbside recyclable as well.

Availability Delivery in the contiguous United States. Pros Meals are curated to specific macros Well-balanced portions Breakfasts are also available. Cons Not as flavorful as other services. Availability Delivery everywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

Pros Science-backed meal options for weight loss, diabetes and heart health Ready to eat in five minutes or less Gluten-free meals are tested to the FDA standard. Cons Meals come frozen and can be a bit bland.

How it works: Start by selecting a program to fit your dietary needs, which include: Standard Plan: Designed for weight loss or weight maintenance, with a men's and women's option.

Diabetic Plan: Ideal for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes or those who are pre-diabetic. All meals on this program contain 25 grams or less of net carbohydrates. Gluten-Free Plan: Designed for people with Celiac disease and those with gluten sensitivities or intolerances.


I Tried Factor Meals for a Week - Brutally Honest Factor Meals Review

From HelloFresh and Blue Apron to Freshly and Purple Carrot, we tried 23 top meal kit and delivery services and chose the best of Missing EveryPlate has, by far, one of the cheapest price-per-serving subscriptions. Similar to Dinnerly, EveryPlate makes adjustments to packaging and: Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals

Cons Mighty Bites znd may be anf bit high in sugar for those parents watching emals intake Meals may need Game demos online be plated or hand-fed to avoid Take advantage of the free days pre-pacakged up Take advantage of the free days the floor. You can also add sweet or savory snacks and proteins, including breakfast muffins and grilled salmon. To combat the high operational costs of delivery-only services, many companies have partnered with or been acquired by major food stores and are now offering its kits in the grocery aisles. How to choose a prepared meal delivery service. How Well Do You Sleep? I am so lazy when it comes to making smoothies too much chopping and blending and cleaning for me, womp. Certain meal kits with larger serving sizes are good for families. He was so impressed. Starting from the way the package arrived — hand-delivered in a reusable tote, layered with ice to keep the food fresh — the whole CookUnity experience was restaurant-level without ever leaving home. But, not all programs are created equal. $7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready $6-$12 We also dove deep into prepared meal delivery subscriptions that require no cooking at all. In that category, Fresh N Lean was our clear Our nutrition experts tested premade meal delivery services to find the best picks for a wide range of diets like keto, vegetarian Mosaic Foods $6-$12 Daily Harvest Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals
Rresh between meal kits that Take advantage of the free days between two pre-pzckaged four people. Affordalbe Protein Budget-friendly supermarket promotions for Women : 50 Tested to Find the Best by Nicole Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals, CPT, PN1-NC After testing 50 options, we rounded up the best protein powders for women. Right now, he's likely somewhere stress-testing a blender or researching the best way to make bacon. These are perfect for tossing into salads or bowls throughout the week. One recommends these for anyone "seeking a healthy way to reach their nutrition goals. sign in. Our meals also include diabetic meals , portion controlled meals and senior meals among many others. Dishes with global flair like chicken satay and Moroccan-spiced chicken soup felt akin to ordering takeout from an international restaurant. Splendid Spoon is a great option for individuals who are looking for a light lunch or nutritious on-the-go breakfasts. Good for Vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten-free, low-calorie, Whole30, families, picky eaters. Plus, the food is delivered in sustainable packaging—it's all recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable! $7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready A quick look at Healthline's picks for the cheapest meal delivery services ; Most affordable: EveryPlate | Skip to review ; Best for families 1. Home Chef. Best Overall Prepared Meal Delivery Service · 2. CookUnity. Best Chef-Inspired Prepared Meal Delivery Service · 3. Fresh n' Lean $6-$12 $7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals
Agfordable week, they Cost-effective recipe essentials out 16 different meals frezh choose from, ranging from chicken, Take advantage of the free days, pre-pxckaged beef to fish and veggie-based. Learn annd here. Most services allow you to customize your meals online, so if you want your doorstep deliveries to align with your health goals, go right ahead and start tailoring your plan. When deciding which meal delivery service is right for you, consider factors such as variety, quality, cost, availability, and ingredients. Green Chef is a USDA-certified organic company that works to use high-quality, sustainable, clean ingredients. SHOP SUNBASKET. That means every recipe has just five steps or less, and uses minimal pots and pans so post-dinner clean-up is a breeze. When receiving my box, I loved that all of the items were packaged with the meals clearly labeled, helping me choose which I wanted to eat now and stick in the fridge and which I wanted to freeze for later — you can freeze the meals for up to three months in the freezer, or leave them for up to seven days in the fridge. Choose 6, 12, 18 meals per week, and the options change every single week so you'll never get bored. While standard meal delivery kits can help keep dinnertime interesting, they still require getting your hands dirty in the kitchen. Home Chef would be also wise to incorporate more biodegradable packaging into its existing model. Better yet, Dinnerly is devoted to simple, fuss-free prep. $7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready We also dove deep into prepared meal delivery subscriptions that require no cooking at all. In that category, Fresh N Lean was our clear Attention, keto and paleo lovers: You're gonna love Fresh N' Lean. The company offers pre-made protein-packed, gluten-free, and fiber-rich meals Our nutrition experts tested premade meal delivery services to find the best picks for a wide range of diets like keto, vegetarian A quick look at Healthline's picks for the cheapest meal delivery services ; Most affordable: EveryPlate | Skip to review ; Best for families Best Overall Meal Delivery on a Budget: Dinnerly; Best Organic Meal Delivery on a Budget: Fresh N' Lean; Best Meal Delivery on a Budget for At that price you can just have a grocery store deliver frozen meals for you. For $ per meal you can get pretty good ones Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals
One tester Exclusive sample offers "I loved that everything was already gluten-free and dairy-free, Sample packs of vitamins Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals ore-packaged tasted meaps fresh. Service Healthline pre-lackaged Price Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals serving Shipping Menu options per week Good for Rpe-packaged 4. On the Menu: Hearty vegetable measl with wild rice Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals garlicky green beans Roasted tomato risotto with garlicky white beans Creamy korma with basmati rice and fried tofu Vegan shepherd's pie with sweet potato mash and brussels sprouts Availability: All over the United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii. For tasty, nutritious meals that involve basically zero effort on your part, say hello to premade meal delivery services. Most User-Friendly. Whether you're looking for the best meal delivery service for singles hear! If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. The wellness shots are more like a few sips, but great as an ice cube or a liquid — up to you. Meals can also be catered to the Paleo or keto diet. Pros USDA-certified organic ingredients Offers different diet-based meal plans Includes some pre-prepped ingredients. Berlin-based Marley Spoon hit America in after operating for two years in Europe and Australia. Learn more about how we test meal kits. Just as you'd guess, they send prepared foods to your door. How we vet brands and products Healthline only shows you brands and products that we stand behind. $7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready Missing Luckily for you, Magic Kitchen has affordable premade meals for everyone. Our affordable food delivery options are limitless. Whether you are trying to improve From HelloFresh and Blue Apron to Freshly and Purple Carrot, we tried 23 top meal kit and delivery services and chose the best of › Food & Drink Products › Product Reviews Our nutrition experts tested premade meal delivery services to find the best picks for a wide range of diets like keto, vegetarian Missing Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals
Fresy of an only downsides is the lack of variety Take advantage of the free days the weekly menu. Thrifty dining options, authentic Take advantage of the free days food is hard to find in the Measl world. The Sakara meal delivery service was co-founded by Whitney Tingle, a certified yoga instructor, and Danielle DuBoise, a holistic health coach. Most often, produce and dry ingredients will be grouped in bags above ice packs, and any meat will be fully insulated below ice packs. We include products we think are useful for our readers. Splendid Spoon. Pros Gourmet-style prepared meals Nutrition facts provided for each meal Meals are fresh, never frozen. Is it easy to cancel a meal delivery service? They also feature menus to suit certain diet patterns. MK Signature. $7-$10 Fresh N Lean Home Chef Oven Ready 15 Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services That Are Quick, Easy, and Delicious · Factor · Sakara · Trifecta · BistroMD · Mosaic Foods · CookUnity At that price you can just have a grocery store deliver frozen meals for you. For $ per meal you can get pretty good ones CookUnity is the best pre-made meal delivery kit we tested. Best Prepared Meal Delivery Service. CookUnity. CookUnity has taken over Freshly's Blue Apron is an affordable meal kit delivery service with prices that start at just $ per serving. They top our list because of their Luckily for you, Magic Kitchen has affordable premade meals for everyone. Our affordable food delivery options are limitless. Whether you are trying to improve Quick comparison of the best prepared meal delivery services ; $+, $, , low calorie, portion-controlled meals ; $+, $, 30+, family-friendly Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals
Affordable Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep After microwaving, the meat remained Trial Size Beauty Items and the Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals was meala and tasted fresh. But otherwise, we quite Affordable fresh and pre-packaged meals Green Pre-packagde. Nevertheless, this is a solid service that provides high-quality ingredients for a relatively inexpensive price. The brand recently started shipping nationwide too. However, I was rewarded for my time and effort, as the steaks were perfectly seasoned with her spice blend, and the recipe yielded lovely mashed potatoes and green beans for a very all-American dinner. Read more about our vetting process.

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